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TGA Standards

Our turf adheres to the high standards set by the TGA, an organisation that strives to standardise good quality cultivated turf for professional applications. This in-depth section describes the standards we set for our turf.



Our main customers here at Premier Turf are professional landscapers. If you would like to establish trade membership with us for discounted turf prices, please give us a call as outlined in this section.


Golf Clubs

We supply fine Grade I turf for sporting applications, including golf clubs and bowling greens. We hold strong supply relationships with many golf clubs - click here for details.


Our Weed-Free Guarantee

We pride ourselves on our special Weed-Free Guarantee, ensuring that you receive the finest quality turf without compromise. We are so confident that should you discover weeds embedded in your new turf, we will refund you double the cost of the offending rolls.


Laying Guide

Our comprehensive laying guide reveals all you need to know about laying your new turf, from pre-turfing preparation as soon as you buy, right through to the laying, watering and feeding of your turf as well as good maintenance strategies.


Maintenance Guide

Once laid, your turf needs careful year-round attention. The maintenance tasks vary as our climate changes throughout the year. Our month-by-month guide makes it easy for you to ensure good care of your new lawn.



We offer downloadable factsheets giving in-depth information and explanations of the natural dangers facing turf. Our factsheets are approved by the TGA and authored by leading turf expert Robert Laycock.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Take a look at the most common questions posed to us by previous customers to answer any initial queries. If you have any further questions not covered here, please call us on 01695 422144.


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